Sexy, Passionate, Juicy Relationships

Why Infinite?  Infinite is a limitless or endless in space, existence, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.

Why and co.?   This is the coming together of like-minded people creating a a life style & environment you love.



Igniting your Passion – Living your Purpose – Experiencing the Freedom

Welcome to INFINITE & CO.

Making a difference to people and mentoring them is our passion. We know the difference it has made in our life both personally and professionally. We’re eternally grateful for all our beautiful mentors that I’ve had along the way through my journey of life.

It’s all about paying it forward for us. We were fortunate enough to be exposed to some amazing life changing opportunities, people and experiences and we love nothing more than to give the same opportunity to other people.

When we think about relationships with our intimate partners, with self, with family, friends or our community we truly feel this can be a sacred space of limitless love, growth and contribution.