Mentoring Packages

Relationship Mentoring

A journey of creating the sexy, passionate, juicy relationship!

If you are going to create a Sexy Juicy Relationship you are going to have to understand some things about…


Your partner

The Masculine and the Feminine states

Your model for a relationship that have taken from the past.

The patterns of behavior that you are running that take you away from the intimate relationship of your dreams.

The roll of the Ego plays in your relationship.

A relationship will take continuous work if it is too remain healthy. The principals we teach are the exact ones that we use in our relationship. So we know if they are learnt and applied they WORK.

The initial program is designed to give you 12 month of positive input and support for your relationship.

Taking the tools we create with you in Passion Purpose Freedom and showing you how to use them on a day to day basis.

The foundation is 1 x 1.5hr session and 11 x 1hr sessions spread over 12 month with things to work on in the middle and a workbook to work through.

Included is adhoc email and phone advice.

The mentoring is effective on all areas of relationship which include

Intimacy, sexual intimacy, families, children, blended families, effective arguing vs personal attacks, anger, resentment infidelity, control, commitment issues and much more.

The 12 sessions all follow a theme, changes may occur depending on the present circumstances in the relationship in essence though the sessions create a basic foundation.

  1. Commit to the relationship and be emotionally open.
  2. Creating your incantation.
  3. Getting your needs met.
  4. The art of communication.
  5. Letting go resetting to Zero.
  6. Emotional Hooks and attachments.
  7. Limiting patterns of behavior.
  8. Embracing the differences.
  9. Mastering your state. Masculine and Feminine.
  10. Intimacy and sexual intimacy.
  11. Rituals, structure and priorities.
  12. Your vision creating the future.

Once you understand and master these 12 areas your relationship will dramatically change forever. You will be required to challenge and change some belief systems that you do not readily wish to let go off. It may not always be comfortable and easy and there will be some months that are not great.

It is a journey and like any journey worth embarking on there will be trials and tribulation. The end result is worth it though.

Remain committed and have faith you are on the right track

Individual Mentoring

A journey of self-discovery…igniting the superhero within!

Executive or Business Mentoring

Executive mentoring ‘with a twist’.  A journey of igniting the passion in everything you do!

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