The feminine…what’s really underneath

It’s the night before my hubby goes into have a surgical procedure. Logically I know that everything will be fine and he’ll be home either later that day or the next. Emotionally though that is just not the case…I feel myself getting agitated easily and being snappy all which stem from the ego wanting to protect me from feeling what is really there. Once you get past the covering emotions (agitation, being snappy, anger) though you get feel that you are just afraid of loosing your partner or fear that something could go wrong. After all with any surgical procedure there are risks. For the feminine all of this creates a sense of uncertainty, which ultimately touches into the safety and security which is at the core for all feminine women.

For the feminine 99.9% of the time what is driving a shift in your state is either to do with safety and security or being the number one focus of your masculine man.

Underneath all of that though what I get in touch with is how much I love my husband and how even though I know I’d be ok no matter what outcome presented itself, my life just wouldn’t be the same without him. I cherish every moment we get together, every smile, every moment of laughter, the crazy moments and even the arguments. He is a part of me, I love the life we share together in its entirety abs every moment is an opportunity to create a magical moment and YES I do mean every moment…the good, the bad, the crazy, the unexplained…every moment has its own touch of magic!!!